Abby Ė Joval Flash Dance *2003
hips FCI standard B/B, elbows 0/0, eyes inspected OK
Ch Oak Grove Yatasto of Joval OFA-30G Ė CH Jokyl Flashback OFA-47G; BVA 7:4
in KoiraNet

Abby came to us in winter 2006 being two years old. I was expecting to get home a puppy that I had reserved from Joval kennel, Virginia USA, later in the spring, but that was still far away. Quite unexpectedly the breeder, Dr. Valeria Rickard contacted me asking, if I would like to have a grown up bitch too, who had healthy hips and a top class English pedigree. The dog was co-owned with a family living temporarily in Belgium, and they had to give her up because of moving again. I thought this over for a couple of days, and then I realized that yes please, I want this girl!

The arrangements took two weeks, and finally I was able to start for Helsinki-Vantaa airport to get my girl from the cargo terminal. I had been without an Airedale for nearly two years, and now I felt like it was Christmas again! The dog was brought with a forklift, she was let out to say hello, and then we headed for home and Turku. At home Abby jumped in the snow and runned up the stairs to greet the family. In the kitchen she saw my sonís sleep lamb on the table and grabbed it in a second, as she absolutely loves soft toys. In an hour or two she was already sleeping with all four legs towards the ceiling. There were no problems with the night walk in the dark snowy forest; she was quiet in the night, and the next morning she came to the bedroom to say good morning and to be scratched. She had been managing brilliantly!

There has been no need for me to get disappointed even later, as Abby is a delightful Airedale in every respect. She is very sweet, she adapts herself to various situations and environments easily, and she loves to be in contact. She is also a real terrier with lots of fighting spirit, and not even the road building and explosions near us are troubling her. She loves children, plush toys, and to pull mitts from hands. Itís easy to go to work, hotel, ferry and plane with her.

Talking about looks, she represents exactly the type I like, a sturdy, not too small Airedale girl with a beautiful head and eyes and a good coat with deep red back. Till now, she has been very lightly shown. She is docked, and in Finland itís forbidden to show a docked dog. Iíve been training blood tracking with Abby, but unfortunately Iíve been too busy to keep training effectively. Abby is following the track, but sheís preferably taking the shortcut in corners!

Abby had her first litter in summer 2007 with INT CH Big Ladyís Yukon Jack. The pups are now one year ,and overall very nice. The characters are happy and pleasant, and some have already attended shows pretty successfully. You can see puppy photos here

Abby is now expecting her second litter by INT CH Katherinaís Land Kindly Boy. Youíll find the pedigree here.

Some of Abbyís close relatives:
Mother Zeta
Father Dillon
Sister Kitty
Brother Jack
Grandfather William
Grand-grandmother Emma

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