Juppsguard Aldo *2003
CH Velino Sirence – CH Juppsguard Rubizzo
in KoiraNet

Aldo was a Maremmano-Abruzzese, my step outside my own breed. The old girls were gone, and my old man Rosso was the only dog left. I used to spend long periods alone in the countryside with my little son, and on one dark and gloomy October night the doorbell rang... I opened, there was a stranger, and I wasn’t able to understand either his talk or his purposes. I managed to make him leave. This episode started a process, at the end of which I brought us a LGD (“Livestock Guarding Dog”), a white Italian maremmano-abruzzese boy, though born in Finland. He was called Aldo, and he just happened to have the same birthday as I! Aldo was kind and beautiful but also independent and selectively deaf, which suits this “semi-domesticated” breed. I guess he would have needed an own flock of sheep, which I wasn’t able to give to him. It was sometimes demanding to live with a big and maturing male of a primitive breed. But we could have managed quite well and got over it, if Aldo hadn’t started to see my little four-year old son as a rival. Because of his size (70 cm, 60 kg) this was an impossible situation, and we had to give up Aldo too early. Fortunately, he however found a good home with an own island and he even got that own flock of sheep! But I still may recall a bit wistfully my magnificent big white dog, who was just following his natural instincts.

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