Dolly – Honeywolf Dolivia 1991-2002
CH Blackjack’s Nostradamus – CH Ranpiin Honey
in KoiraNet

Little Dolly was like a plush toy, which however had sharp teeth, and who, if needed, beated even a bigger boaster! She was kind and sweet. But she had a tendency to stress, and that’s why I didn’t even consider breeding from her although she was a pretty representant of the breed. Dolly was dear to me, and together with her childhood friend Papu they were inseparable. We used to call them “Laurel & Hardy” (Dolly was Laurel). When young, Dolly was able to run free in the woods a lot when I was walking her, and she was an eager hunter! However I believe that she never killed anything bigger than a mole, but it was just the neighbour’s cats’ good luck that they never happened to be in our yard when Dolly came out! Dolly’s speciality was that she loved horses. She would have spent long moments whining and her nose almost touching a giant cold blood horse’s chub. Dolly caught serious pyometra at young age, and she barely survived, but after that she lived long without getting sick. In 2002, some days before Christmas, we found her dead on the living room floor – the end had come as arrhythmia, fortunately our vet believed it had been painless.


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