I’ve loved nature and animals ever since I was a child. Later I was studying biology, zoology as my major, and I’ve also got grades in botany, genetics, biochemistry and geography. Nowadays I’m working in the fisheries branch.

My first dogs as a child were two mixed bred black-and-white spitzes from my father’s family farm. Turre and Peni were sweet, but the dog keeping manners in the countryside were a bit primitive, and unfortunately both Turre and Peni had to spend quite a lot of time in the running leash too. Having been studying for a few years, I bought my first Airedale terrier, Juuliska (Eho Norma) from Hjördis and Erkki Tenlenius from Espoo, the capital area. The puppy was retrieved on a very beautiful and memorable October day with a Volkswagen “Beetle”, which we had borrowed from our friend. The little dog with lots of fighting spirit grew to become an enchanting personality. I had decided that Juuliska’s life would be richer than the life of the spitzes in my childhood, and I devoted myself to psychological training. Juuliska was also able to run free a lot with the dog pack of the Turku Student Village – I’m sure she saw herself as a full member of the flying-fast Afghan hound pack! Juuliska would have made an excellent tracking dog too, but her success was effectively hindered by the lack of a car.

Honey (NordCH Ranpiin Honey) came to me as a co-owned dog after I had got tired of the dependence on other people’s dogs as Juuliska’s playmates. Unfortunately Juuliska didn’t accept Honey as a dog at all, but just sat with her nose up and dignified like a sphinx, when the puppy was trying to hop around her. The situation didn’t change until Honey got her first season.

Honey was to become my foundation bitch, and she lived up to the respectable age of fifteen without ever being sick! Between the years 1987-1995 I bred nine litters altogether. After that my changed conditions caused a pause of twelve years, until I was hit by luck and offered the opportunity to take the lovely American Abby-girl, Joval Flash Dance, to live with me.

Already for a long time ago I came to the conclusion that Airedale terrier would be just the right breed for me, and so the Airedale has been my dear companion for almost 26 years now.

Before the present girls we’ve been having six Airedales, a Maremmano-Abruzzese and several half-grown puppies as our family members. After my old man Rosso (Honeywolf Dangerous) had died in 2004 I was nearly two years without an Airedale before Abby moved to us. Soon Abby got an energetic companion, when the little rascal Jessi (Joval Rainbow In The Frost) flew over the Atlantic to become our junior here in the Southwestern archipelago.

I’m loving and appreciating my dogs as individuals and family members, and I’m expecting my puppies’ families to do the same. I’m attending shows and training my dogs when I’ve got the chance, but to me a dog is always essentially a friend and a personality, who’s got the right to live with his family loved, respected, treated the right way and properly cared for as long as possible.

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