Jessi Joval Rainbow In The Frost *2005
AM CH Timberwyck Maximum Overdrive OFA-30G AM CH Joval Hearts of Fire OFA# AT-3928E25F-PI (EXCELLENT)
in KoiraNet

When I contacted Dr. Valeria Rickard of the Joval Airedales Virginia, in fall 2005, I was describing my old Papu to her. She told that shes got a bitch resembling her much, and that this girl was to be bred in the end of the same year. After about seven months Jessi, aged four months, came to us. I was just admiring how well everything had organized, as Abby really was in the need for a playmate. At the first night the puppy climbed onto the dining table like an ape. She has been exceling in climbing also after that, and Id hardly be surprised to see her on the roof. She is fairly skilled in opening doors (her mother is a champion), and she can pick a fifteen-egg carton from the table plus carry it onto the yard without breaking the eggs. She will break the eggs on the yard. No doubt shes got many talents beyond these, if only her owner would have enough time to utilize them. However we are going to start to train tracking. Jessi is easy to train and quick to learn. She has also from the first night known that some day she will be the Alpha Bitch (me excluded): as Abby is peace-loving, Jessi is greedy for power. But the girls are good friends, and even kind Abby will keep the discipline if needed.

Jessi is very intelligent, and her capacity to function is high. She is very terrier-like. She likes to sit in ones lap to be caressed. Jessi is also a strict guard she has been guarding ever since she was a puppy. She is not gun-shy! Quite near us they are building a new road and exploding the bedrock. The first blasts were shocking detonations, which made the house to jump on its basement. Jessi just took a couple of extra steps, kept her tail up without putting it down for even a second, and looked at me as if the experience had been just interesting.

Shes got a very rough coat, and were still waiting for the furnishings to start blooming. She is docked and cannot attend the domestic shows. However I wish that Id have the chance to take her to Sweden when Ill get her coat in show condition if Abbys pups only will let me.

Here you can see some of Jessis close relatives:
Mother Hailey
Father Emerson
Half-brother Maximus
Close cousin Krissie
Grandfather Erik
Grandmother Zeta

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