Juuliska – Eho Norma 1981-1992
CH Mynair Nevergivin’ – Eho Veera
in KoiraNet

Juuliska was my first Airedale, and the best possible introducer into this wonderful breed. She was playful, self-confident, friendly super personality, who made many not earlier familiar with the breed to fall in love with the Airedale terrier. As a young student I used to train and walk her a lot, and she was also allowed to play with other dogs daily. This made her grow self-confident and socially skillful, and she was with me everywhere! I could always keep her off lead outside roads. She had some deaf moments in her youth, like when she and her best friend Trixi the Airedale found a wonderful carcas on the riverbank... but as a mature lady she used to wander no longer than to the neighbour’s compost heap. Juuliska was a memorable airedale.

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