Papu / Pupu – Honeywolf Encore Bean 1992-2000
Big Lady’s X-Temporal – Honeywolf Brown Bean
in KoiraNet

Papu (”Bean”) alias Pupu (”Bunny”) was a dog to be owned only once in a lifetime. A grand adventuress, independent, intelligent, loving, calm and considering, tricky, greedy and an unbelievable skillful goodies thief, even a bit wild, a mischief-maker, a hilarious tap-dancer, an unforgettable dog about whom there are countless stories to be told. And of course she had dozens of pet names. She is still a kind of standard for an airedale terrier for me, a vision of a dog I’d like to breed. Pupu is the cover girl in the painting on the start page. She is waiting for to get barbeque delicacies, and if you look close, you can see clear saliva drops in her beard on the right side! In Pupu’s pedigree there are two males dominating, Tintara Bulrush and Jokyl Walkie Talkie. Pupu and her not full three months elder “big sister” Dolly were the best friends, and never ever did I see them arguing nor fighting. It was really painful to have to let old Honey go in May 2000. I remember wishing that I would be able to keep Pupu for a long time still, but then I didn’t know that only in a month I would be losing her too. Possibly because of a badly made womb removal section Papu’s kidneys had been destroyed, leading to fatal uremia. There was no cure, and my dear Papu left me in Whitsun 2000 at the age of eight.

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