Rosso – Honeywolf Dangerous 1991-2004
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Rosso's character test

Rosso was one of the finest Airedales I have known. He was my puppy, who moved to his new home at the age of eight weeks. There were many children in his new family, and Rosso got brilliantly along with them. He was also trained and walked a lot. Rosso was one of those dogs who are attached to their breeder their whole life. When Rosso was 5 I suddenly got a phone call from his family, telling me that allergy had occurred and that if I wanted to save him I’d better come and take him away in just a few days. I really didn’t have much time to think this over nor to find a new home for him, so I brought him home to us. This was a fortunate turn, as we got a wonderful, faithful and courageous family member who gave us so much up to the end. An incurable prostata tumor at the age of 12 turned to be fatal. I’m still missing my darling boy. Rosso was the last one of my old Airedales, and losing him ment also the end of my life with Airedale terrier then. I lived nearly two years without an Airedale before Abby came to me.

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